Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm On A Boat: My Air BnB Experience In Bermuda

The flight to Bermuda was a quick 2.5hrs. Once I stepped off the plane that humid air hit me dead in the face. Y'all it was so hot there! Different from Atlanta hot. I knew my natural hair might not make it with this silky straight weave in my head.... It. Did. Not.

I took a 40 minute ferry ride from St. George to the Navy Dockyard which was where my boat was. I thought I packed light but in reality i still managed to bring half of my closet. So I'm hauling all these bags on a packed ferry. I was so hot & bothered but had to snap out of it because.... Bermuda!

Once I got to the Dockyard everything was all good. There were lots of shops around, restaurants, and an info center. They even had a nightclub and there was also this yogurt spot called Bermy Berry that I ended up killing daily.

Now onto the boat......

The inside was nice.  The main level had a nice kitchen & living room area.

My bedroom was downstairs. It was small, but cute. It had a full size bed which was a nice surprise because from the pictures I thought I would be in a twin. There was also a desk area for me to work on my blog.

HOWEVER,  guys lets discuss the bathroom. The toilet was literally in the shower. The only thing that separated it was a shower curtain. I was laughing so hard. To be fair, my host Darren offered the master bedroom beforehand. I would have taken it had I known the bathroom was better.

Y'all I fought with that bathroom for 4 nights! I was getting water everywhere because it was so small. Then there was the pump it up toilet. You had to go through too many steps to use it. Turn it on, press the pedal on the side to fill it with water. Wait for the light to turn green..... Chile I found myself making sure I peed while I was out before I got to the boat at night so I wouldn't have to go through all that lol.

Other than that, I have to say the boat was an unforgettable experience. Actually, it was really cool when I think about it. Even with the bathroom. I was literally on the boat long enough to sleep because I wanted to see as much of Bermuda as I could. I never even met my AirBnB host because of our schedules. I stayed on the go.

The Dockyard was where the cruise ships came in. That scenery was so pretty especially at night. I couldn't wait for the cruises to leave though because I had to battle them to catch the ferry to Hamilton where everything was. There was was a cutoff after so many people boarded. Thankfully,  there was only one time i didn't make it on.

But when the cruise ships left with all the people the dockyard was a complete dead zone! I kind of missed them then.

I still can't believe I stayed on a boat. It was different & way out of my comfort zone, but I guess that's usually when you have the best memories. 

The Closet Whisperer 

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