Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NYFW: Confessions of a Blogger

Dress: TopShop (sold out). Heels: Steve Madden 'Presidnt' Sandal. 


Okay guys this is going to wrap up my fashion week posts. First lets discuss this dress which I love. I told you guys in the last post that I repeated 2 outfits from Bermuda Fashion Week. This was the other one I was referring to. It deserved another moment to shine. I switched up the shoes this time though with these Steve Madden heels that you need in every color!


I've gotten hooked on going the Air BnB route. Don't laugh but I'm still unsure if I stayed in the West Village or Greenwich. All I know for sure is Miss Lily's was down the street & we were right next door to Soho. Seriously, it was the perfect central location. It seemed like we were so close to everything.


I have to be honest I've been to New York Fashion Week a few times, but this go round was a little different. I was ready to go home. I don't know why because I did so much. I stayed in a fabulous area. I'm still a little confused on why I was feeling this way. To the point that I actually cried while I was there. Dramatic, right? lol My blog has definitely been the little engine that could making small strides & progressing at a slow pace. I need inspiration for posts. So, I travel to events like this on my own dime.  I started to question what the hell I was really doing there. What are my goals. I thought these were questions that I knew the answer to prior to getting to New York, but I guess it just hit me all at once. Is the investment worth it?

#4 Morris Chesnut 

On my last day I went to the Rosewood screening with Morris Chesnut which was a nice break from the fashion week overload I had. Morris is so fine y'all! He stayed after for a Q&A session. He said that he was glad that he's able to show a bit more of his funny side compared to other roles. The show was really good so make sure to check it out.

All in all, New York treated me well. I connected with the most amazing people and I'm thankful I was able to be around something I love. Maybe the breakdown was actually the breakthrough I needed to refocus my priorities and set some new goals.

The Closet Whisperer 


  1. You went to NYC and you ROCKED it! Represented ATL to fullest and showed those Yankees we got some serious style down south! Proud of you hon! ❤️

    1. LOL at Yankees. Thanks girl! I know you can relate to trying to do your own thing. It can get overwhelming, but your continued support means a lot, Xo


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