Monday, September 21, 2015

Cheap & Chic

Confession: Two of my NYFW outfits were actually repeats from Bermuda Fashion Week i.e. that Clover Canyon number. Listen, I was in New York for 5 full days. I didn't want to stress about putting together an outfit for every single day when I had good outfits hanging right in my closet that I was never photographed in. Besides, if you don't put it on Instagram it's like it never happened right?

I still had a few more days I needed looks for though. So, I went on the hunt for special pieces. As always TJ Maxx came through. I found this Moschino number the day before I left for New York in my go to Runway Department. It's fun, quirky & perfect for fashion week! 

The necklace is actually a belt styled by my friend Cherish. I'm not big on accessories but I loved this. It was dainty & the way it hung gave it an S&M vibe. It made a great transition piece from day to night too when I took the jacket off for the Tracey Reese after party we went to later on. I got so many compliments on it.  

Jacket: Moschino Cheap & Chic. Necklace: Vintage Belt. Coated Skinnies: MNG by Mango similar. Heels: L.A.M.B.  "Harlie" Pump (old) 

The day I wore this I almost got stuck in a room with Lady Gaga. I got hot at the Nicopanda presentation & went into this empty room with a bar for napkins. I didn't find any & was headed out when in comes Lady Gaga dressed all Lady Gagaish leading her crew. Of course they didn't know I was in there & they had put the red rope up & everything so no one could come in. It was such a surreal moment. All I was trying to do was pat down my sweaty armpits lol That's New York for you. 

The Closet Whisperer 

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