Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Giving Up vs. Letting Go- Knowing The Difference

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"If I let go of something does that mean I'm giving up? Does it make me weak? What does God want me to do?"  
How long do you hold onto something or someone in your life but question when it's time to stop trying and still feel like that's the best solution for the situation at hand? I struggled with this not too long ago and had people blatantly tell me I was being weak for not wanting to fight anymore. This is what I learned.

If you've actually tried. You are persistent, but you're still receiving constant pushback then its okay to just let go. Most times God, the Universe or whatever you reference as a higher calling will block things left & right. Don't ignore this. We can get so stuck in the trying phase that it becomes forced not realizing there is something better waiting. Other times we worry about it so much when its already been worked out for us or maybe it's just not meant for you. So, what I mean by letting go is not being so caught up on what YOU want to happen and just let what is, be.

We all have a bit of an ego when we feel like we've been wronged. I know I do. I usually do everything I can to regain that sense of control. You can fight for something so hard but you have to ask yourself "Am I doing what's best for me by continuously holding onto this?" Is this allowing me to grow, pushing me forward? If the answer is no, then there's your clue.

Sometimes we'll try to get other people's advice as well and that usually just makes you question even more. I'm not saying don't listen to them at all, but ultimately you have to start trusting yourself. The more people say, the more opinions you have to think about and it'll cloud your own judgement. Be confident in your decision. If you feel like letting go is what's best for your own self care, then do that!

Ultimately, there's a constant flow in life. There are times when you have to release the old to make room for new people and move on to new opportunities. It's not throwing in the towel and it's not being weak at all. I read a good quote that says: "Giving up is reducing your life. Letting go is expanding it" I'll add that it's also trusting that no matter the outcome, you're at peace with it and everything is always working out for your highest good.

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