Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What To Wear to New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week is next month & I'm going back & forth on whether I should go to New York or not. Question: Is the cold weather a good enough reason not to attend? I'm serious! I'm from Atlanta & New York cold is very different than Atlanta cold. It's BRICK up there! Even though I'm still undecided not going, being the crazy blogger that I am, I've still put together a few looks in my head of what I would wear just in case.

One of my style inspirations is Miroslava Duma. I've had a girl crush on her since '09. Her entire wardrobe is the fashionista's guideline on how to rock Fashion Week the right way. While googling her looks this go round, I was particularly drawn to......

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I'm not into 16 degree weather but if you are, I suggest you make a statement out in those cold streets next month by opting for a suit during fashion week. Layer the multiple piece look with a fur or a wool coat. You'll be warm & chic. What do yall think?

The Closet Whisperer Xo 

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