Friday, April 19, 2013

Closet Whisperer Picks from LAST CALL

I found so many great buys during my trip to Neiman's Last Call on Tuesday I had to blog about it! Here's the thing as a serial shopper I know that outlets can sometimes let us down. We get there & wonder where all the good stuff from the original store went. That's not the case at my local Last call. Located about 25 minutes north of Atlanta in Lawrenceville, I don't mind making the drive because its one of my favorite gems to shop for designer goods & when I stepped foot in there the other day I heard Angels singing!

Photo: My Instagram

There were New Arrival signs all over the shoe department with everything from Manolo's to Prada! It was awesome. & To add icing to the cake they still had my popular size 8 & 8 1/2 in everything that I loved. Although I came in to purchase a new pair of shoes from my go to brand L.A.M.B. , I had to indulge & try on some others. I mean I was already there......

Check out what I found


My jaw literally dropped when I saw these futuristic sexy sandals from Jimmy Choo sitting on the rack. These shoes are practically new! As a matter of fact, they are still being sold by other retailers at full price. But there they were. At Last Call. on SALE! in a sz 38 1/2.

Actress Diane Kruger at "The Host" LA Premiere

 They looked HOT on & even turned heads as I carried them around in the shoe box contemplating on if I should buy them or not. I had them  placed on hold overnight & prayed on this purchase. Yes it was THAT serious! However, after MUCH thought & even a drive back up there the next day, I decided to be good, & ended up not getting them.

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That brings me to why I am sharing this great find with you! This shoe is Perfect for the Summer & it was the only pair there. A notable mention is that they fit true to size. So if you wear a 38 1/2, I suggest you give Last Call a call (see what I did there) & have them shipped to you.

Charlotte Olympia "Priscilla"

You guys know I have a slight obsession with Russian socialite Miroslava Duma. So when I saw the Charlotte Olympia Priscilla pumps I immediately thought of her. I tried them on in a sz 38.5. They are adorable, quite comfy, & HALF price.

Christian Louboutin "Zoulou" Sandal

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Yes we are still talking about fab finds at an outlet & I found these too! Can you believe it?!  There they were in nude sz 38. These popular sky high red bottoms were a favorite among celebs & I can see why! They are SEXY!

Isabel Marant "RIO"


A quick google search & you'll find that the Rio sandals were a Must Have for some of your favorite fashion bloggers. I tried on the only pair they had in a size 38 & they fit. They're super cute & I was most impressed with the heel being very manageable.

I felt like I hit the jackpot when I went to Last Call. After all the shoe candy I found I almost forgot about the L.A.M.B. heels I origianlly came to buy which they had btw but in the wrong color. However, I think I have a gift for finding great things. So as your virtual personal shopper, if any of these picks tickle your fancy, I suggest you give the Lawrenceville location a call. Or check out a store near you. You won't be disappointed.

The Closet Whisperer

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