Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Define Life Interview Series Feat. Gray Castillo

Everyone meet Gray Castillo. Based in Zurich, Switzerland She is H&M's Showroom manager, a Fab Stylist & Blogger. and the perfect person to kick off my "I Define Life" interview series- spotlighting fashion trendsetters, forward thinkers, & creatives. Basically people who are dope! Let's get to know her shall we?

First off I am obsessed with your style & your ability to mix print & textures. How would you describe your style & What inspires your looks?
"I'd describe my style as a mix of Ghetto chic and versatile, sometimes minimalist with clean pieces, but very experimental when it comes to colors and patterns. I mix it in a creative way with heels and chunky accessories.
My looks are inspired from the people I love, people I work with, colors, books, old pictures from my mom and magazines."
Who are your style icons?

I don`t have too many style icons, but I got from my mom definitely the great taste of a good pair of shoes and how important textures and fabrics are. Carine Roitfeld is my queen because of her great taste on pencil skirts and how to wear them perfectly.

Closet Whisperer: What are some of your favorite brands?

Gray Castillo: I wear a lot of H&M Trend, actually my wardrobe is full of it. Zara has amazing shoes, but my fave brands are Prada, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. Mixed with H&M is the glory for me.

Closet Whisperer: Your shoe game is sick! What was the last pair of shoes you purchased?

Gray Castillo: To be honest, I buy a pair of shoes almost every day, most of the time in Zara. But my latest purchase was a studded Versace sandal which I bought in Milan a few weeks ago  


Closet Whisperer: Lastly, tell us about your blog transitioning into the online magazine "Nu Icons" 

Gray Castillo: As a freelance fashion stylist in Zurich, Switzerland, it was obvious for me that I should report more about my stylist work and what I really think about fashion on the blog, so it took me a year to finally convince myself and create an online magazine. It will remain very personal with my personal looks and wish lists, but I’ll report on Fashion Weeks, beauty advices, my editorials, street style and I`ll show evey now and then interviews with cool fashion people in Switzerland.

What I’m really proud of is the fact that other bloggers can blog directly from the NU ICONS network. At this time, there`s nothing similar in Switzerland and I hope that I can provide my readers with this new project with everything they need to know about fashion from my personal point of view.


Be sure to visit Gray's blog where you can see more of her vibrant personality through her style. You can also follow her on instagram & twitter @bootiesonmyfeet as well as facebook

You're welcome.
Closet Whisperer 



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