Monday, February 24, 2014

Nice, France

Overlooking The Mediterranean Sea
 Once upon a time The Closet Whisperer was actually a flight attendant for a major airline. At the time I didn't have a blog where I was the main focus to share my experiences, but now I do. So, BOOM! Let's get into it. I traveled to some pretty dope places around the world & one of the most beautiful places I went to was Nice, France. Seriously guys, this place is a walking post card. Sorry for the photo quality in advance, I took them all on my iPhone. Any who......

Since I was there for work, I only had 24hours to layover & explore.  I took a quick nap once I got to the hotel & then met with 2 of my flight crew members & walked the streets of Nice for a good 9 hours trying to take in as much of the scenery as I could. 

One of our 1st stops was the Mediterranean Sea. I could have stayed there all day! 

As far as food we grabbed little bites to eat along the way such as the bistro pictured above, but ended up getting dinner at a local side street restaurant. I wanted to get something authentic. So, the waitress recommended a seafood dish. Since they're right by the water it would be really fresh. I love seafood! Win, Win. I ordered the Linguini Fruit De Mer which is a seafood pasta with shrimp, muscles, and crab. Y'all know I am a foodie & it was so good. 

Funny story:  I was being cheap & asked for water with my meal. They brought out a glass Evian bottle (fancy) a glass cup & charged me four euros! lol I also got a side of french fries because you know I'm in France lol I don't know what I was expecting but they actually tasted like the new Burger King fries to me lol

Desert Photo not mine: Source 
Since this is a fashion blog one of the most memorable places I stopped in was a boutique called Desert. Its a cute store. They carry notable contemporary designers such as Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs & Vanessa Bruno. There's also the retail giant called Monoprix which is basically an equivalent to Target here in the states. Loved that store too, but get this. I was in there and a lady was showing me a pair of shoes & speaking to me in French. I finally figured out why & told her "Oh I'm sorry ma'am I don't work here" to which she responded IN ENGLISH "Oh I'm sorry I thought you did" Y'all should have seen my face! Smh

Dress: BCBG, Sandals: Sam Edelman "Gigi" Sandal , Shades: Kardashian Kollection

Outfit: Can we get into my dress. I thought the bright neon color was perfect for France! I wanted to wear my hair down but Nice quickly taught me a lesson about bringing your own outlet converter if you want to flat iron your hair which brings me to my TRAVEL TIP : If you ever forget something like your phone charger or  you don't have an outlet converter, call down to your hotel's guest services. Sometimes, they'll have extras in their lost & found that you can use for free. It was hot anyway so the ponytail worked out, but thanks to the hotel finding an extra outlet converter for me, I was able to curl my hair for work the next day.

I wish I had more time here as I did with most of the international places I went to visit. Although, I did get a rush trying to get the most out of the little time I had. If you could visit any place in the world, but only had 24hours to stay where would you go? What would you do!

Tell me in the comments below.

Closet Whisperer

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