Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spread Love Its The Brooklyn Way: NYFW Essence Street Style Block Party

My 1st day in New York kicked off with a bang. I stayed in the upper eastside of Manhattan with my cousin which was awesome. The area was so nice & it was close to the Lincoln Center, Central Park & not far from the other shows I was going to. As soon as I touched down, I got ready so I could meet up with My Fashion Fairy Friend, Deone at Essence Magazine's Street Style Block Party in Brooklyn. Now I used to work in New York and my only gripe with Brooklyn is that it always took me FOREVER to get there. This time was no different. A 30 minute train ride turned into an hour getting to Dumbo, Brooklyn.  Me & trains just don't click. Hopping off one & jumping to another. I don't have the patience for all that especially when I'm so used to just getting in my car & driving.

I literally caught the last 10 minutes of this block party, but it was still packed when I got there! The people & energy there were amazing. I managed to get a few shots from a great event. There was a designer spotlight for 3 designers:

Accessories talent Melody Ehsani:

Project Runway alum Kimberly Goldson:

Menswear designer Ron Bass

Chevorlet cars were also on display featuring custom art. Dope!

 We left there & headed to a private party at my new fave spot, The James hotel.  I love a good rooftop. The atmosphere, the view, the music..... it just had a good vibe. If you're in New York you have to stop by. Thanks to Chef for the invite!

Fun times! Click here in case you missed the deets on what I wore. 

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